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We are dedicated to making Döner kebab and other Turkish food specialties under the exploitation of own restaurants.

Also, we distribute our products to provide all the elements necessary for proper operation, such as: skewers of meat (beef, chicken, turkey and lamb), burgers, condiments, precooked sauces, machinery ....

By this means, we ensure the quality and freshness of the product, backed by over 22 years we are in the market.

Did you know ...

The doner kebab or shawarma, is a type of original ethnic food from Turkey and Syria, and was introduced in Europe 40 years ago. Thanks to its popularity and be a healthy and tasty product, has become an alternative in offering fast food, and other more traditional products, such as burgers and pizzas.

In Germany, one of the first countries that arrived, more than 15,000 local kebabs and kebabs consume 2 million a day. In countries like France, Holland, Belgium and in Spain, the Kebab is already a kind of regular food.

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