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Our machines are manufactured by Potis ASIS 304 stainless steel Cr-Ni, which guarantees a long life, CE qualification. The gas appliances are fitted with safety valves. To ensure each machine nozzles for use with natural gas and butane gas, 3, 4 or 5 burners as needed. The machines are fitted with drip trays, the top engine with removable trays and lower motor grease resistant tray.

Using the electric knife Döner can be achieved increased profit is faster service and less time spent. Does not require professional knowledge, it is easy to use, effortlessly. Thanks to the adjustable slice thickness, the thickness of the cut meat is always equal and can be weighed accurately and easily the meat cut. It is easy to clean, assemble and disassemble. A powerful engine ensures fast cutting.


We have a wide range of spare parts for all machinery: trays, burners, resistors, motors ...

We sell all kinds of New Machinery and second hand

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